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Taking Action: Using Arts-Based Approaches to Develop Aboriginal Youth Leadership in HIV Prevention

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The Taking Action! Project: Art and Aboriginal Youth Leadership for HIV Prevention is a national project working with Aboriginal youth and communities across Canada. Led by Indigenous youth, we seek to understand HIV in relation to Indigenous communities and cultures and also to see if using art (Taking Action Part 1) and digital storytelling (Taking Action Part 2) is an effective tool for working with youth to talk about HIV/AIDS and mobilize action.

It is time for Aboriginal youth to get involved in creating culturally safe information that educates to prevent HIV. Unleashing the creative power of youth as health promotion activists is a successful approach, used both in Canada and around the world. This project aims to involve Indigenous youth as HIV prevention leaders, using both traditional art forms and new media approaches. Indigenous youth, with the support of artists and community partners, will address the higher HIV infection rates among members of their communities by developing and showcasing their own creative art-based and digital media responses.

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To watch videos by Aboriginal Youth Leader, please visit: http://www.takingaction4youth.org/digital-stories/

For more information about this project, please contact:
Emily Hostland, Projects Coordinator
416 736 2100 ex. 20712

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