Re-Imagining Long-Term Residential Care

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The World Health Organization notes that “A society that treats its most vulnerable members with compassion is a more just and caring society for all”. This project identifies promising practices for thinking about, planning, and organizing long-term residential care. Its aim is to discover what approaches to care, to work organization, to accountability, and to financing and ownership offer the most promising practices when the goal is to treat both providers and residents with dignity and respect, to understand care as a relationship and to take differences and equity into account. This project is funded by SSHRC.

Related Projects

Healthy Ageing in Residential Places (HARP)

Working in collaboration with Ottawa’s Bruyère Research Institute, the Healthy Ageing in Residential Places project focuses on positive examples of healthy ageing in long-term residential facilities. Based on a broad view of health that includes mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects, the project seeks to identify healthy ageing strategies for long-term residential care that allow staff and residents to live better, and perhaps longer, more fulfilling lives. Funded by CIHR.

Invisible Women:Gender and the Shifting Division of Labour in Long-Term Residential Care Facilities

This study aims to better understand if and how residents’ care and workers’ occupational health and safety are affected by a shifting division of labour due to the use of informal carers. An overarching theme of this study is exploring how gender affects this shift. Funded by CIHR.

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