YIHR Welcomes its new Director, Professor Jianhong Wu

Jianhong Wu

The York Institute for Health Research (YIHR) welcomes the 5-year term appointment of Professor Jianhong Wu by York University as its new Director.

“Dr. Wu, a member of the YIHR Executive Committee for years, has been instrumental in raising the global profile of YIHR research, training and community outreach”, said Dr. Marcia Rioux, the former YIHR director.

A University Distinguished Research Professor and a Canada Research Chair in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Dr. Wu has a record of exceptional scientific contribution in a number of fields relevant to health research, including health informatics, infectious disease modelling, public health emergency simulations, neural networks and complex data analytics. He is well known for his leadership in several renowned national interdisciplinary and multi-institutional projects including the Mpime NCE funded infection dynamics modelling project, and the GEOIDE NCE funded geosimulation of disease spread. He was featured in Toronto Life in 2003 as one of the “Top 18 Scientists in Toronto”, and was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012. He has also been recognized by distinguished professorship and visiting fellowship internationally such as the Cheung Kong Visiting Professorship from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Paul Erdos Visiting Professor from the Hungarian Academy of Science, the Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, and the FAPESP Visiting Researchers Fellowship hosted by the Universidade de São Paulo.

A true believer in interdisciplinary health research, Dr. Wu is currently leading a CIHR-NSERC Collaborative Health Research Program funded project on antimicrobial drug resistance diversity in Canadian hospitals. He is also developing an initiative assessing the cost-benefit of pubic health interventions in Canadian aboriginal population. The on-going Mitacs funded York-Sanofi Pasteur collaboration under his leadership aims to “Evaluate the impact on transmission dynamics and cost-effectiveness of pertussis booster vaccine for Canadian adolescents and adults”. Internationally, he is co-leading with a Chief Scientist at the China CDC the IDRC-CRC International Research Chair Canada-China collaboration on HIV/AIDS modelling and management project.

Dr. Wu is the funding director of the Centre for Disease Modelling, that evolved from a NCE national project initiated during the SARS crisis into an interdisciplinary group with 24 founding members from universities, hospitals, research laboratories, and government agencies. This group established the CDM as a major initiative of YIHR, and has firmly established itself as a “Canadian Network” with distributed nodes and activities across the country.

“We are confident that Dr. Wu will bring a wealth of experience, innovation and ideas to YIHR”, said Dr. Rioux on behalf of the YIHR Executive Committee.

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