The York Institute for Health Research aims to connect students with meaningful health research experience through the YIHR Student Committee, Health Tomorrow Journal and our research projects. Every year the YIHR Student Committee organizes the YIHR Annual Symposium in the Spring. For more information, contact Brannavy Jeyasundaram at and Nashwa Khan at

Our student members include:

YIHR Student Committee

Brannavy Jeyasundaram, YIHR Undergraduate Student Representative
Nashwa Khan, YIHR Graduate Student Representative

Health Tomorrow Journal

Hilda Catherine, Editorial team (present)
Natalie Spagnuolo, Editorial team (present)
Ciann Larose Wilson, Editorial team (2012-present)
Ellen Sweeney, Editorial team (2012-2014)
Navindra S Baldeo, Editorial team (2011-2014)
Julia Brassolotto, Editorial team (2011-2013)

Research Assistants

Alex Rewegan, MA
Mariyam Zaidi, MA


Tara Bittles
Josie Hughes
Lorianne Donato


Katherine Chung
Nashwa Khan


Ruth Lowndes, Post-doc
Rachel Barken - Post-doc
Francis Tufford, Environmentals Studies
Martha Cope, Nursing
Justin Panos, Grad Student
Chermay Espino, Work/study student


Alexis Buettgen
Dana Corfield
Cameron Crawford
Natalie Spagnuolo
Samadhi Mora Severino
Laura Vukson

Graduate Research Association of Students in Public Health (GRASP) is our collaborative partner.