DSC_0041The York Institute for Health Research aims to connect students with meaningful health research experience through the YIHR Student Committee, Health Tomorrow Journal and our research projects. Every year the YIHR Student Committee organizes the YIHR Annual Symposium in the Spring.

For more information about how to get involved, please contact:
Amanda Turner, YIHR Graduate Student Representative:
Janany Jeyasundaram, YIRH Undergraduate Student Representative:

Our student members include:

YIHR Student Committee

Amanda Turner, YIHR Graduate Student Representative
Janany Jeyasundaram, YIHR Undergraduate Student Representative
Elaine Cagliostro, Graduate Assistant, YIHR Communications
Emanuel  Ebrahim
Sara-Jane Linton
Farhiya Mohamed
Rahat Hossain
Abid Azam
Sabiha Ahmad

Health Tomorrow Journal

Hilda Catherine, Editorial team
Ciann Larose Wilson, Editorial team
Navindra S Baldeo, Editorial team
Julia Brassolotto, Editorial team
Natalie Spagnuolo, Editorial team
Ellen Sweeney, Editorial team
Tanweer Peerbocus, Graduate Assistant, YIHR Health Tomorrow Journal

Research Assistants

Adelaide Boachie-Danquah, MA
Patrick Mbullo, MA
Fardoso Warsome, MA
Mariyam Zaidi, MA


Tara Bittles
Josie Hughes
Lorianne Donato


Suzanne Dayv
Hazel Hunter
Ruth Lowndes
Sandra Smele


Alexis Buettgen
Nadia Chowdhury
Dana Corfield
Cameron Crawford
Charlene Lindsay
Natalie Spagnuolo
Jennifer Sylvester
Jessica Vorstermans
Laura Vukson

Taking Action

Renee Monachalin, MA
Ciann Wilson, PhD

Graduate Research Association of Students in Public Health (GRASP) is our collaborative partner.