Health, Law, Ethics, and Social Justice

Health, Law, Ethics, and Social Justice explores ethical, legal, and political aspects in the theory and practice of prevention of disease and injury, and promotion of the public’s health. This includes conflict resolution, resource allocation, and legal liability in health, health care and health insurance.

It focuses on building an effective equitable public health infrastructure, which has a positive impact on the health care system. In addition to redistributing health resources, health equity includes the redistribution of societal resources (social and economic resources) and political power in a way that takes into account the particular conditions and needs of different groups. Health inequities remain a matter of serious concern.

A major area of interest in the field of Health, Law, Ethics, and Social Justice is bioethics, which includes a consideration of the ethical issues facing biomedical researchers, clinician scientists, and health care providers and planners. Other areas of interest include health law, social justice and equity for different groups such as aboriginal/indigenous people, women, rural populations, people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged groups, immigrants, and ethnic and cultural minorities.