Determinants of Health

Determinants of Health is concerned with how biological factors are co-mapped with social determinants of health to affect health. The determinants of health theme is concerned with both biological and social determinants of health and their interactive elements. It is concerned with the health implications of economic and social policies on individual health and biological status and on areas of public health.

Specific areas of interest in the field of the social determinants of health include housing, employment and labour, basic health infrastructure, water resources, waste management/ disposal, psychosocial factors, and basic nutrition.

Specific areas of interest in the field of biological determinants of health include understanding fundamental mechanisms of disease (both chronic and acute) and aging, understanding the genetic and/or environmental factors that contribute to health and the research into the development and appropriate implementation of pharmacological, behavioural and preventative interventions to promote health at individual and population levels. The understanding of social determinants of health (household, neighborhood, community, country, and global level variables) complements the knowledge of biological factors that influence health, creating a more complete picture of the whole range of health determinants. An analysis of the interrelationships among the different levels of health determinants and how they influence health is incorporated in this category.